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Available Services

Solo trust

INR 566/-

Ask us a single question to predict. No matter what it is about, your marriage, career, or job. But remember only one question. We will give you the answer within a day in a 10 - 15 min phone session.

Child Connection

INR 2116/-

We look into the horoscopes of both husband and wife and present possible timelines in which both can expect their special moment, birthing a child. A phone session lasts 15 - 20 mins.

Trio Test

INR 1366/-

Ask us three questions about your life. It will take us a week time to get back to you because we need to have a detailed observation and analysis to get our prediction right. We discuss for a 15 - 20 min phone session.


INR 4112/-

If you have gained enough trust in us or our predictions came true in your case, feel free to try this option, where we give a detailed analysis of how your future would promise in the next 4 years over a 30 - 45 min Zoom session

Match Making

INR 1666/-

We don't just see the overall points. Our specialty is to dive into the interested man and woman horoscopes and give a holistic prediction over a 20 - 25 min phone session.

Family Foreover

INR 10112/-

The astrological connection is similar to the genetic connection where the horoscope details are passed on to the children. We predict major events for a family of max. 4 based on their horoscope connections over a 1-hour Zoom session


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