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About Us

We are three passionate business partners ready to move the mountain of ignorance and arrogance

When you share your details with us, you're not just getting a prediction; you're supporting three independent astrologers passionate about bringing the lost Vedic technology to life. 

The team consists of: 

A knowledgeable mother who has inherited heaps and bounds of astrological knowledge from her dear father right from her childhood.

A passionate daughter who has been interested in predicting the future through astrology and is the righteous face of this business. She is dedicated to educating everyone in this world about the great wisdom of our ancestors in correlating the pattern of planets with the future of our lives.

A skeptic son who has had a shocking realization in the midst of his Ph.D. who could relate the process of his research with the logic and calculation process of astrology.

All of us together, will give you a prediction with a combination of ancient knowledge, cultural touch, and scientific vigour

Thank you for choosing our three-person store as your go-to destination for your future prediction. Get ready to experience your future before you live it. Talk to us and let us guide you in fulfilling your wishes and dodging at least a few problems in life!

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